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Elaine is the daughter of Gus, whose indomitable spirit she inherited.  She is the daughter of Myrtle, whose kindness and generosity are deeply ingrained in her.  She is the sister of Ken, whose joy of life stays with her always.

You cannot get through a day with her without something you say reminding her of a silly song that she will sing to you in its entirety.  If you meet her at work or as part of her philanthropic activities, you are struck by her dedication and her way of bringing out the best in you.  If you are her friend, you know that keeping in touch with you and laughing with you is one of the most important aspects of her life.  If you know her in any way, you know she is passionate about family, laughter, politics, bridge, organization, and having a Tom-made martini at 4pm on the dot. 

For almost sixty-five years, she and Tom have been married, and they were together since they met on a blind date on Valentine’s Day 1953.  She only agreed to go because she misheard that he was a ‘Frenchman’ when her friend said ‘freshman’.  Ever since, she has been quick to tell others Tom is ‘fresh’ instead of ‘French’. Their marriage is one of equals who, she says, each has half a brain and each relies on the other’s half. It would take a book to chronicle their adventures.  Their love is the rock upon which their family always rests.

Her two children turn to her for guidance and for inspiration and always get both accompanied with abiding love.  Her four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren know she has made their lives better in countless ways and also know that her love for them is unconditional.  The Schwartz family, which has long been a part of the Marks family, feels that love.

Elaine had lung cancer surgery three years ago.  On November 5th, she had surgery for a new lung cancer and never recovered.  We said goodbye to her physical presence on December 14th, but she continues as part of us forever.

Elaine, may your transition be gentle.  The love you have poured into us is returned many times over.  The thousands of people whose lives you touched, whose burdens you eased, whose spirits you lifted send you on your way with love.  You inspired us all.

Elaine wanted Cat Stevens’ Morning Has Broken  played at any celebration we might hold for her.  You can hear it at this link. We hope to hold an in-person gathering, perhaps a year from now. Feel free to forward this notice, but please not to social media.

In lieu of flowers or food, please consider contributing to the Fine Arts Affiliates, one of the organizations dear to Elaine.  Send Checks, made out to FAA, to:

Joan Schwichtenberg
13610 Burning Tree Lane #1B
Seal Beach CA 90740

Please note in the Memo section of your check, “Tribute – Elaine Marks.” Thank you!

The family asks that you please keep this off social media.

for more information about the Fine Arts Affiliates, click here.